AIM Password Recovery

AIM Password Recovery 1.3

Password recovery tool for AIM users

AIM Password Recovery is a helpful utility for whenever you forget or lose your AIM password. Often people store their passwords on their computer so they don't have to remember it every time they login, but a problem occurs when you need to access your account from another computer. AIM Password Recovery is the best solution for these cases of inaccessible passwords for the AIM application. This tool will search inside your AIM software and will retrieve a complete list of all user data with its specific stored passwords. AIM Password Recovery is a specific solution for stored passwords and automatic sign in features. It's easy to use and provides the passwords stored on your program with just a few clicks. It supports all versions of AIM including 6.x, 7.x and AIM Pro. This powerful tool can even recover your AIM passwords when you can't boot Windows. AIM Password Recovery is the right tool for all AIM users who forgot their passwords due to automatic login features.